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The skin anti-ageing  REJUVENATION  using Chemical Pelling

In Clinica Dr. Dana in Calpe / Alicante - Spain

Chemical Peeling - OBAGI Blue

Chemical peels have become the most popular resurfacing agents that leave the skin looking fresh and young. Chemical peels are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Dr. Peter Dana offers chemical peels in Calpe/Alicante in Spain and is considered to be one of the most qualified and competent doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Dana has been using chemical peels in his practice for over 20 years. He has treated lot of patients using chemical peels for such conditions as acne, discoloration, uneven skin tone or simply to give the complexion a glow and even appearance. Yet most important is the fact that at Dr. Dana’s clinic your treatment will be customized for you, as your skin is unique. Chemical peels are essentially chemical applications of substances that clear away and literally peel off dead and dry skin and let fresh and new skin take its place. Chemical peels are highly effective in promoting skin smoothness and vitality. 

They also improve superficial discoloration and eliminate fine wrinkles. Medium depth peels can be achieved with a variety of chemicals. TCA (trichloro acetic acid) is the most common. A medium chemical peel will improve color, freshness, texture, skin tone, and fine wrinkles. It will also improve superficial discoloration, such as age spots. It may improve blotches and can sometimes improve dark circles under your eyes. Medium peels may be repeated every three to six months for optimal results. Unlike deep peels, medium peels may be performed safely on people with olive and light brown skin. They may also be used in some people with dark brown skin.















Certficate for Obagi Blue peel from Brasilian society for Plastic surgery

Although fine wrinkles will be improved, medium chemical peels offer no improvement for dynamic wrinkles. To achieve the best results, you should use skin care products before your peel and anticipate that two or more peels may be needed at three-month intervals. The effects of a medium chemical peel may dissipate over six months to a year.













Dr.Dana with Prof . OBAGI from Hollywood

Medium peels (Obagi Blue Peel, TCA Peel, Easy Peel) are performed as office procedures and require 15-30 minutes. We will apply a chemical solution, usually TCA, to your skin, one area at a time. When the desired depth has been achieved, we will neutralize the peel . Burning lasts about two to ten minutes. You will then be allowed to go home. Post treatment pain medication is not required.


There will be no discomfort following the procedure. You will wash your face twice daily with gentle soap and water followed by application of ointment. Your face will initially appear red. There will be no open wounds and no scabs. Once your old skin has sloughed, your new skin will be bright. Once your skin has finished peeling, you may begin wearing makeup.

Medium chemical peels will last six months to two years. If you use skin care products regularly after your peel, you will maximize the duration of improvement. Most patients who choose medium chemical peels as the mainstay of their facial rejuvenation have a repeat peel every six to twelve months.

Patients who seek dramatically increased skin vitality with a reduction of fine wrinkles, who understand recovery and temporary duration of effect, and who do not expect improvement in dynamic wrinkles are generally satisfied with medium chemical peels.

When compared to all simple and serious treatment options, medium chemical peels provide an intermediate level of improvement at an intermediate cost and impose an intermediate period of recovery. They are ideal for the patients who wants more than a superficial peel, but can not afford the expense or recovery time of a deeper treatment.

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