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Lipodissolve - Aqualyx in Clinica Dr. Dana in  Calpe / Alicante 

Lipodissolve - Aqualyx

Always at the forefront of innovative, non-invasive beauty treatments Dr. Peter Dana now introduces Intra Lipotherapy with Aqualyx in his Clinica Dr. Dana in  Calpe/Alicante - Costa Blanca - Spain

This new technique has been developed and patented by Prof. Dr. Motolese, Italy, to break down fat cells, fat content and even the fat cell nucleus without surgery or downtime. The treatment can be applied pretty much everywhere, including the inside of the knees, inner thighs, arms, love handles, stomach area and gynecomasty. Everywhere with the exception of under the eyes or on the ankles.


Doctor  P. Dana  will provide a full consultation and then inject the patented solution once into the targeted area. The solution destroys the fat cells’ nucleus which means that the cells do not regrow. 

The treatment is suitable for everyone provided you have no serious medical condition or if you are pregnant. Sessions take place once every three weeks. Aqualyx is a biocompatible and fully resorbable solution, which removes small fat accumulations located in body areas such as jowls, love handles, hips, abdomen, knees and arms, mainly.

Unlike many other fat-busting treatments, Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx  has full CE approval and is now available in Spain.
Act in such a manner as to be infiltrated into the area concerned, and localized fat burning that we break the body harmony. And all without going under the knife.
It is specially designed for use in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery, to dissolve small fatty deposits. It liquefies the fat cell to lipids (fats) are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.















Clinica Dr. Dana in Calpe/Alicante is board certified for AQUALYX-Intralipotherapy


Intralipotherapy – Aqualyx is the safest and a totally painless method of conducting the procedure. It consists of injecting AQUALYX with a thin needle into adipose tissue region. Usually 1-2 injection spots are required – that means that as far as patient is concerned, this procedure is merely one or two needle pinches.


Areas which may undergo Aqualyx therapy:


inner side of thighs and knees

trochanter area

below buttocks



upper extremities

double chin

adipose sacks of lower eyelid




Additional safety to the patient and practitioner is given by a fact that only specialistically trained physicians are authorized to carry out this procedure and this rule is strictly kept by Aqualyx  distributor.

Procedures should be carried out with minimally 15 days or greater rest periods depending on clinical effects observed on patient.


AQUALYX Intralipotherapy vs. liposuction

Intralipotherapy doesn’t substitute liposuction but it is a valuable alternative. It is a significantly milder procedure, it’s distinguished by its non-invasiveness, less trauma for your organism and it doesn’t cause disability in normal everyday activities. We avoid anaesthesia as well.

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