Geissospermum laeve, Geissospermum martianum, Tabernaemontana laevis.
Common name
Acariquara branca, Bergibita, Maria-congo, Pao pereira.

Pao pereira are the bark of the Amazonian tree Geissospermum vellosii.

Pao pereira is commonly given together with other herbal remedies, including ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) and the indole alkaloid alstonine. In Brazil, pao pereira is used to treat fever. South American Indian tribes have used pao pereira bark for stimulation of the immune system.

Pao pereira contains the alkaloid flavopereirine (also called PB-100). Research suggests that flavopereirine may be active against Plasmodium falciparum, one of the parasites that causes malaria. Flavopereirine may also be useful for the treatment of cancer and viral infections. However, clinical studies in support of pao pereira for any medical condition are lacking in humans.

Pau Pereira (Geissospermum vellosii)

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