S-Lift- Facelifting
Clinica Dr. Peter Dana
 Calpe/ Alicante - Spain

Facelifting - S- Lift

Dr. Dana offer in his Clinica Dr. Dana  in Calpe/Alicante, Costa Blanca in Spain Facelifting -  S-Lift.

If you are thinking about having a face lift, you need to know which procedures will have the best results for you and how to find the best surgeon. If you elect to have cosmetic surgery, you will want to inform yourself on the steps you can take to have the best possible results.

Dr. Peter Dana provides exceptional facial cosmetic surgery while giving each patient the personalized care he or she deserves. With 30 years of experience in facial cosmetic surgery and a commitment to aesthetic excellence, Dr. Peter Dana brings a unique perspective to the Clinica Dr. Dana. 

Dr. Peter Dana has been honored numerous times for his skill as a facial cosmetic surgeon, and is well known throughout the area for beautiful results and individualized patient care. 

Our practice in Calpe  is renowned for beautiful facial cosmetic surgery results. Over the 30 years, Dr. Peter Dana has gained extensive experience in facial cosmetic surgery procedures, working in Germany (Köln, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hamburg), 13 years in Brazil (incl. Clinica Prof. Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro) and Spain , including  facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, brow lift procedures, and injectable wrinkle treatments such as BOTOX and Fillers.


Minimally invasive procedures, involving minimal incision and dissection, are enjoying growing popularity amongst people interested in improving their appearance. Patients are looking for procedures that produce natural improvement ("refreshed look"), have brief recovery time, minimal risk of complications and result in imperceptible scars.


The S-lift is an ingenious technique of rhytidectomy (face lift) rejuvenating and beautifying the lower/mid face and neck by reversing changes that have occurred with ageing.The “S” refers to the shape of the incision in front of the ear, however it can also apply to other qualities of the S-Lift eg. Safe, Safe, Small, Short, Superficial etc. As the S-Lift involves minimal dissection of the face, risk of permanent injury to facial nerve branches is practically eradicated. 


The S-Lift is performed under local anaesthetic and oral sedation; therefore are none of the risks associated with general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation. The S-Lift is not a form of so-called “mini-lift’, which involves mostly tightening facial skin, with limited manipulation of the deeper layer. The S-Lift involves elevation and permanent fixation of the SMAS. The excess skin is removed.


The incision is only along the front line of the ear (in the natural creases). There is no incision or hair loss behind the ear. The wound is meticulously repaired without tension on the skin, leaving an imperceptible scar.

The vectors of elevation for the S-Lift are different to the conventional facelift, giving a natural appearance. Common outcomes of conventional facelift, - such “wind tunnel”, “mask face look” or “pixie ear” effects – are not possible with the S-Lift.

There is minimal bruising and swelling and most patient return to work comfortably within 7-10 days.

S-Lift has two different vectors of elevation and repositioning, eliminating these problems and allowing a more natural look. The conventional facelift involves incisions around the ear, into the hairline and behind the ears. This may result, in some cases, in significant and noticeable hair loss along with ugly scars.

The S-Lift has only one incision on either side of the face, along the front line of the ear and up into the hairline. There is virtually no hair loss. The excess skin is removed in front of the ear and the skin flap is redraped and meticulously repaired, resulting in an imperceptible scar.

The S-Lift is performed totally under a local anesthetic and oral sedation (e.g. valium) is used to relax the patients to the degree they desire, thereby eliminating the very serious risks involved in general anesthesia. Serious risks of general anesthesia or intravenous sedations are totally alleviated. After surgery, happy patients, seeing the immediate improvement (loss of jowls, smooth jaw line and neck), are able to return home.

Due to a gentle and limited dissection there is practically no risk of injury to the facial nerve which could result in weakness of muscles of expression.

As the S-Lift is a much more gentle procedure than the conventional facelift, there is usually very little bruising and swelling, if any at all. Recovery is a matter of days rather than months.